Conservative Investor Strategy

Congratulations on taking the first steps to changing your life!

Learn how to pay off your mortgage in as little as 10 years by purchasing investment property without using your own money!

First time investors… Many Canadians are investing in Real Estate to generate income and wealth for retirement. With these expert tips and strategies, we teach you how to take control of your future and finances, all without using your own money. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! We have created a free 50-minute webinar that details how you can make this dream a reality! Click the link below to listen to the webinar and receive the same strategies that our clients Lauren and Ross used to make their dream a reality. Today, just over 3 years later, they have purchased their second investment property, again with tenants paying it off for them.

Our client’s story: Our past clients, Lauren and Ross, tell you how my strategy changed their lives:

“Everything changed once we found out how by buying an investment property and using its growth, we could pay off our home mortgage 10 to 15 years earlier.

And we didn’t have to increase our repayments or anything like that… Because we got a tenant to pay it off for us. This is what motivated us to do it.

It used to feel like financially we were getting nowhere. We never seemed to get ahead after paying our bills and we seemed destined to spend the next 30 years paying off our mortgage. I laugh now when I think that I used to have to check our internet banking every morning to make sure an unexpected debit didn’t come out overnight. And even though we both earned good incomes, had a reasonable amount of equity in our home our finances were very disorganized. Because our finances weren’t organised, we would always argue about money. Ross carries on as though money grows on trees, and I have always been the careful one. So even though I would handle our finances I just felt like we could never make headway… Each week it was like we were always sailing close to the wind despite earning a good income.

Anyway…I reckon it was about two years ago when things started to unravel. I remember one time while I was going through the drive through because Billie wanted a thick shake. So, after placing our order, I drove forward to the next window to pay and of course – the day I hadn’t checked the balance in my account – I tapped on the machine and the card rejected. I felt so embarrassed.  Luckily, I had two other credit cards in my purse which I could use. I can’t tell you how much this upset me. It was a real tipping point. That night, I went online trying to find information on how we could boost our cash flow at home and find ways we could make every dollar we earn work as hard as we did… It was then that I came across a free video/webinar by a money mentor and called “How To Wipe Years Off Your Mortgage By Purchasing An Investment Property” it explained how people who had a good household income and equity in their home could use this strategy to bring all their finances in order and actually get ahead!

So, I watched the video/webinar and to be honest, it was the lifeline we needed. Firstly, we learned how just because we had a good rate on our mortgage, we had the wrong approach to reducing the debt. You see, like most people, we were paying off our mortgage on the bank’s terms, over 30 years with minimal repayments. And because we had the wrong mortgage structure – we were going up and down in the one spot with no light at the end of the tunnel. I feared for what sort of retirement we would have with a fully owned home and very little else! It also outlined how to maximize every single dollar, allowing us to have more than enough money in the bank account without working more hours. And get this, it even spoke about how we could buy an investment property and use the growth in its value to ultimately pay off our mortgage earlier.… mind blown!”

If you have ever thought about this strategy, we are about to show you all the ways that real estate can help you win. The five most appealing aspect about real estate investing are:

    1. Market Appreciation
    1. Forced Appreciation
    1. Cash Flow
    1. Mortgage Paydown
    1. Other people’s money – which, is typically the banks and the tenants

Once you’ve watched our conservative investment strategy webinar, we will take a deeper dive into identifying the other benefits, such as making your mortgage tax deductible, creating a second income, and teach you the step by step process in how to buy which include:

    1. What kind of investor are you?
    1. Your Power Team
    1. Choosing the right realtor
    1. Renovating strategies
    1. Finding and managing tenants
    1. Tax strategies
    1. Know your numbers

We have all the tools and resources needed that allow our clients to avoid challenges and ensure they reach their goals successfully.

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