Welcome to an uncertain time in global history! No one imagined that 2020 would be the Year of the COVD-19 pandemic and we’re all trying to cope. We at the Wilson Team of mortgage professionals hope you are staying healthy and taking proper precautions to remain safe.

We also want to talk to you about ways to reduce your monthly expenses and free up some cash for the days ahead. It’s especially important now, given all the business that are shuttered and the people who are losing their jobs as the economy slows.

Mortgage professionals have been deemed an essential service and we are here to lend a helping hand in any way we can. We are available by phone and you can read our blog and join our Facebook community to keep abreast of the economic changes and obtain practical information about financial issues.

If you’re in a challenging situation, we want to help. If you aren’t, this is probably a good time to re-evaluate all of your finances to determine where the gaps lie. So, stay in touch!