Laurie and Kelly Wilson, Managing Partners and Owners of The Wilson Team, are veteran Mortgage Brokers recognized as a top performers nationwide.  We can assist with purchases for resale and hew home builders, self employed, renewals, refinances and home equity, investment properties, debt consolidation, rent-to-own, variable rate vs fixed rate, cash back, New to Canada and the list of products continues.

So why should you choose to use a mortgage broker? It’s simple. Mortgage brokers have the training and expertise to help you make an informed decision about your mortgage. And why The Wilson Team of Mortgage Professionals? Because we will work tirelessly on your behalf to get you the best mortgage product at the most competitive rate. We have access to a range of mortgage products from more than 30 respected lenders, and working together with you, we will carefully select the product that best meets your needs. And while we always work hard to negotiate the best possible rate for each situation, we also provide valuable advice that goes beyond rate and can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

The Wilson Team of Mortgage Professionals has achieved outstanding success by putting their clients first. We’ve earned the confidence and trust of each of our clients and, our business has grown steadily from referrals and repeat business. Let us earn your confidence by providing you with a mortgage strategy that will help you achieve your financial and home ownership goals.

At The Wilson Team, we want to help you rewrite your money story! I’ve witnessed firsthand far too many people under duress because they failed to have an emergency fund in place for when life happens, including job loss, marital breakdown, illness, retirement and so on.

The Wilson Team is by your side to teach you everything we’ve learned while purchasing your first property so that you can begin growing wealth from day one. We don’t want you to wait before living your best life. We want to ensure your debt is taken care of so you’re not living paycheque to paycheque. Let’s transfer control of your finances from your bank into your own hands today.

Too often, Canadians are doing what their parents and grandparents have always done. They’re focusing on paying off their mortgage as soon as possible instead of using it as a vehicle to create future wealth and control their own destiny.

People are living longer than ever before and expecting their home to act as their rainy day fund in retirement. But where are you going to live when you sell your home? Are you going to spend all those years building equity only to turn around and sell the home that you love and then rent? That just doesn’t make good financial sense.

The Wilson Team recognizes the need to help everyday people and families do better than simply paying down your mortgage as quickly as possible. We want to take a different approach by encouraging you to adopt innovative ways to build your wealth. A mortgage is good debt that can be used to your advantage to help finance future properties. By developing a plan and implementing a strategy that meets your unique needs, which includes budgeting and debt consolidation, The Wilson Team will set you on a successful path of real estate investment.

One common theme we hear from clients after meeting with The Wilson Team and embracing our new approach to credit and finance management is that they’re no longer stressed about money. How freeing is that statement? Who has time to worry about finances when you’re so busy living your best life?

Our team has aligned with a strong network of experienced professionals who all play an important role in buying, selling, renting, holding and investing in real estate. Having this team in place is the most important part of the investment process and we’ve already done the work of interviewing and vetting professionals to ensure you get the very best advice. We want our clients to be well versed in all opportunities available when it comes to financial options and solutions, tax strategies, tax deferring, being a landlord, types of real estate investments and more.

We’ve taken all this vital information and compiled a tried-and-true roadmap for you to follow so you never feel alone in your real estate investment journey.

At The Wilson Team, we’ll work tirelessly on your behalf to get you the best mortgage product at the most competitive rate regardless of how many properties you choose to own. And we’ll ensure each mortgage makes sense based on your long-term plan so that you never feel handcuffed by the number of properties you can own.

It’s never too late to get The Wilson Team working on your behalf to ensure your financial freedom. Let’s talk today about how we can make your future brighter and more manageable so you can live your best life regardless of your current situation.

Kelly <span>Wilson</span>

Kelly Wilson

Commercial and Investor Expert, Managing Partner
Laurie <span>Wilson</span>

Laurie Wilson

Alternative Credit Expert, Managing Partner
Tracy <span>Donnelly</span>

Tracy Donnelly

Licensed Assistant to Kelly and Laurie Wilson
Sydney <span>Fowlis</span>

Sydney Fowlis

First time Home Buyer and Renewals Mortgage Expert
Micheline <span>Lajoie</span>

Micheline Lajoie

Mortgage Expert, Bilingual Alternative
Rick <span>Bedard</span>

Rick Bedard

Bilingual Mortgage Expert
Kevin <span>Mayer</span>

Kevin Mayer

Mortgage Planner Expert