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Moving Tips – Don’t Stress

Moving does not have to be stressful, just follow the tips and enjoy your new home.

  1. Arrange early for your moving needs – movers (get estimates before hiring), trucks, friends, insurance etc.
  2. Take only what you really want and need, you can sell the rest.
  3. Make a list of special items that you want to move with extra caution and get them insured.
  4. Anything that needs to be repaired or cleaned outside your existing home, or any new items to be bought, should be timed so that delivery is to your new home.
  5. Involve all family members. Not only does it lessen the workload, but it involves them and gives them input into their new life. A simple thing as taking their input into decorating the new home can make them feel better about the move.
  6. Notify all those that need to be notified and update your records – post-office, doctor, school etc.
  7. Start packing and label everything clearly on the boxes. Also, make a complete list to hold on to.
  8. Mark down the boxes on your complete list as they go into the moving truck. Don’t forget to do a final check on your old home before leaving.
  9. Two boxes should go with you –overnight supplies and valuable – this will alleviate concern of the items missing and searching for necessities.
  10. Check your new home for existing damage before the movers enter. And when they arrive, mark down the boxes on your complete list as they are taken off and put into your new home. Get the movers to put all items into the rooms that they are supposed to be in.

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