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What are Reverse CHIP Mortgages?

Reverse CHIP mortgages is a mortgage loan, normally secured by a residential property, that allows the home owner borrower to access the unencumbered value of the property.

Listen to a great, detailed discussion on reverse CHIP mortgages option. There are many reasons to consider mortgages CHIP options for those over 55 years of age. You can draw tax free cash out of property to pay off your mortgage, use it for unexpected events and it does not affect your Old Age Pension Plan. For more info on CHIP reverse mortgage option get in touch with the the Wilson Team at 613-266-3570.

Who is eligible?
When you have reached the young age of 55 years, there are many options that become available with respect to the financing of your home. That being, accessing the equity your home has built up to fund your retirement plan.
The CHIP mortgage can do the following:
Customer Story

This deal came in from a Top Broker in Ottawa. The client was referred to her by a Real Estate Agent who was representing the client as a purchaser looking to buy an investment property.

Customer Story
The client was referred to the by a family friend who was trying to help his sister out of a sticky situation with her home. He knew that his Agent would be able to help his sister out.
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