Hello, I’m Kelly Wilson of the Wilson Team of mortgage professionals. My colleagues and I want to help
you finance the property you want, while teaching you how to get the most from your real estate
investment dollar. It may sound complicated, but it’s not.

A mortgage is a tool that allows you to build financial security for yourself and your family. I’ve done it
myself. I bought my first property at 21 as a way of deleting my biggest expense – housing — from my
balance sheet. I rented out part of the property and that money paid the mortgage while I saved for
another down payment. Investing in property has put me in a position to take care of my family in good
times and bad. It’s what we all dream of doing, but we may not know how to go about it.
That’s why people turn to the Wilson Team. We’re passionate about helping our clients find the path to
financial security, just as we have personally. We teach you to look at mortgages differently.
A mortgage should be a tool to increase wealth, not a liability that makes you shudder. We show you
how to invest in real estate, not mortgages, so you’ll have the financial means to cope with any life crisis
that may come your way. As parents and children ourselves, we understand how important that security
can be.

Creating wealth today requires thinking outside the box and we help you do that. Take David, for
example. He came to me when his mortgage was due for renewal. He and his fiancée planned to save
for two years so they would have enough money to buy another house. I asked him what he would do if
I could show him how to free up $900 a month, improve his cash flow and give him five per cent to allow
him to purchase another home now. We lumped his mortgage, car payment and student loan together,
refinanced and freed up enough cash for him to rent out his current property and put the down
payment on another. Not traditional, perhaps, but effective.

Here at the Wilson Team, we draw on our knowledge from real estate, banking and investing to show
you how to uncover money you didn’t even know you had so you can start investing it. Our team of
experts can help you create a sound plan tailored to your goals and risk tolerances and lead you to
financial freedom.
The Wilson Team is here for you and your family. Turn to us and turn your mortgage into a tool for
wealth creation.